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Last day to check out @iam8bitshow’s Home Entertainment Exhibit in Echo Park. Gallery closes at 6pm.

"For a Good Time Call, Samus" by Jude Buffum
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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. #lion #romeneverfell #fuckyou #instagood
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Respect the locals.
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Inmate / prison photographs taken by photographer Danny Lyon currently on display at MOCA Grand in Los Angeles.
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Hint: Slowly move your phone away from your face while staring at the sticker. Photo credit: @shogun69
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We live in your neighborhoods. We drink at your local dive bar. We fight in that alleyway you avoid at night. Our numbers are growing and we’re ready to strike. For all those bleed black and know… Rome Never Fell.
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Little Bastard // James Dean
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Morning meeting of the minds. @richardiiivir @whatsupwally @stevenvogel @clee7892 #blacklodges #ctothejl #theroninnetwork #triumvir
Site relaunch coming sooner than you think.
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Korean Bell of Friendship in San Pedro. A gift from the Republic of Korea to the American people symbolizing friendship between the two countries.
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A little less than 30 minutes left to grab anyone of the pictured tees for $13. www.triumvir.com

Qing Marauder: S
Kill is Love Tee: M
Victorian Thieves: S-XL
Bread & Wine Black: L, XL
Bread & Wine Grey: M-2XL
Camo Gothic White: 2XL
F.Y.C. Grey: 2XL
Blind Faith: 2XL